Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Dreams and a creepy guy from tv.

Tomorrow I'm having the kids go to bed closer to a normal bedtime for the first time this summer so they can be ready for school next week, so tonight I let them stay up as late as they wanted. When I took Corina up to bed she was completely exhausted. I could see she'd be asleep within seconds, so I asked her to close her eyes while I counted to 60 and then I'd wake her up to sing to her. I wanted to watch her fall asleep. I loved watching my kids fall asleep when they were babies, but there's not much opportunity for that as they get older.

I was only at about 20 when it was clear she was asleep. A few seconds of stillness, and then she raised her eyebrows way up like she would if she were surprised, but the rest of her face stayed still. She put her eyebrows back down, then up again, and did that quite a few times. (You're making that face now, right?) She looked so funny.

When I woke her up at 60 she was a little cross-eyed for a second, and then said, "I was really asleep!" She was impressed. I told her she was funny in her sleep and asked if she had been dreaming. She told me she had, and that she dreamed she was watching Canadian Idol. (Yes, my American friends...we have our own version.) She dreamed she was at the actual hall where they record the show, watching them sing on the stage. We had watched the show tonight, and creepy Chad got kicked off thankfully. Look at this guy.


I couldn't stand watching him. He does the most horrible things with his face while he sings. Corina told me, "I was watching Chad sing, and he was doing that annoying thing where he keeps lifting up his eyebrows".

Ha! I love that. She acted out her dream. And she acted out someone else's actions from her dream, which is even cooler. The whole thing just made me happy. I laughed harder than I have this entire year. (But that's mostly because none of my friends are funny. Boring bunch of jerks...)


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I'm sure that guy is a shoe in for the next Blue's Clues.

By the way, how the crap did you know I was doing that face while reading your description of Corina's sleeping face? Believe me, *I'm* the one who's impressed.