Wednesday, August 16, 2006

How to make girls like you.

There's Benji, dancing champion. He was my favourite on So You Think You Can Dance right from the beginning, and he won tonight. Hoo. Rah. I didn't think he was the least bit attractive when I first saw him. I liked his dancing, and I thought it was nice that he talked so openly about being LDS and serving a mission. Now that we've watched him every week, he's gone from being sort of goofy looking to being handsome, and it's all in the personality. He's funny, and any girl will tell you that goes a long way. But he's also such a nice boy. He's
good. He's the kind of boy I should have married. And now I wish he was 32 rather than 22 so I him? Something, anyway. I may be becoming a dirty old woman.

Anyway, be funny and be a really good person. Quit treating people like crap and old ladies will want to date you too.


brent said...

Surely Benji's win is vindication (at least vicariously) to all Mormons who've been ridiculed for participating in Stake Dances, doing the lawn sprinkler, Mormon two-step, and so on and so forth for years and years.

So you think you can dance?


Just one tiny critique, however. Benji. You did not just win Miss America, you pussy. Quit crying, you sad sack.

brent said...

And when I say you're a pussy for crying, Benji, I mean that in a loving, concerned, older-brother kind of way.

Because I care.

bestsariah said...

Remember he also won $100,000. That's a good reason to cry.

Pablo said...

Crying is cool, too. Right? We're Mormons, he's seen a lot of crying at pulpits over the's only natural.

And Sara, thanks for getting rid of all the creepy feet.