Thursday, August 31, 2006

I bled a lot today.

I really like free stuff. If you know me at all, you know how much I like free sample day at the grocery store and those hats of money I take from street musicians. Today I gave blood, partly because I wanted to help my fellow homos(apiens), but mostly because it's Thursday. On Thursdays, Streetside Eatery donates soup to Canadian Blood Services for the donors. And this isn't some crappy Campbell's soup, either. Today was chicken dumpling, and holy it was good.

Last time it was pirogi and it nearly made me cry, it was so yummy. Sidenote - there are a lot of ways to spell pirogi.

The kids come with me when I give blood, and they like to chat with the workers. Usually that works well for me. I appear the selfless mother giving my very BLOOD to help others while being a wonderful example to my children. The cookie man said, "Thanks for bringing your mom in to give blood!" And Corina told him, "She only does it for the free food." And then she grabbed a handful of cookies. We're awesome.


Seth said...

That is awesome. You're just deciding to give when it's most advantageous and beneficial to you, that's all. Nothing wrong with that. Besides, a little quid pro quo in the charity category never hurt anyone.

They still won't let me donate blood because of my time in Iraq. It's getting really old people.

Dainon said...

Precious. Do they have Costco up north? You can manage a full meal out of samples on Saturdays, you just never know what's going to be on your menu.

And it's "perogie", ain't it? Either way, it sounds the same.

bestsariah said...

I wanted to spell it that way, but the spellchecker and told me not to.

Costco won't let us in the store for samples (I've tried!) unless I buy a membership. And I'm too cheap to do that.