Thursday, September 21, 2006

Check out this demonstration of my energy!

I know you're all desperate to find out how I'm doing in school. Here's something for you eager beavers. I had to do a speaking assignment in front of my communications class. Get ready to be impressed. My teacher's comments were, "Your face, voice, and presence demonstrate energy. Assertive speaker, able to speak freely, mature learner, can teach others well." And I got a perfect score. I'm wonderful. I wasn't as excited about the part where she called me old, but whatever.

I'm so tired. SO TIRED. I fell asleep on the couch last night while I was studying for my psychology test. I need way more hours in a day. I also need a housekeeper and a sherpa. My backpack weighs a shlabillion pounds.

The important things here though are that my hair looks great, I'm skinny, and I'm pretty. Sometimes I lose sight of that.


Anonymous said...

Suuuure... give me MORE things to be jealous of!

Seriously, I am truly impressed. Bravo!

Sherpa said...


a sherpa?

Laura said...

I love you.

I'll love you, even when you're old. I just forwarded this blog to a bunch of people, so that they could love you too.

Don't ever lose site of how skinny and pretty you are, or how great your hair looks, again.