Friday, September 08, 2006

Day two went like this...

I didn't cry once. Not even a tiny bit. Go me! But poor Corina almost died of sadness. She sobbed when Max left for school and then went hysterical when I brought her to my friend's house to be babysat. I had to peel her off me while she frantically screamed for "one more minute!!!". At least she has an awesome babysitter. Anyway, she did stop crying eventually and had a nice day. I'm just deeply missable.

School was long, but my lunch was incredibly fun. I sat by myself so I could do some reading, but a few minutes after I sat down a girl came and asked if she could sit beside me. She's an ESL student from China. I've seen her on the bus before. Before long the entire ESL class was sitting with me. Half of them were from China and the other half from Brazil. Bruno sat across from me and we chatted, and I LOVE the way he talks. I'm so impressed when people learn a new language as adults. He was telling me he didn't know what his lunch was exactly, and that his friend made it for him. He told me, "I was lazy to prepare it." I think that sentence is awesome.

I have so much homework already. And if any of you want to come over and teach a computer dummy how to use a word processor, I'd really appreciate it.


Sherpa said...

Darn, day two nearly made me cry!

Okay, not really.

Jesse Harris said...

I know Geek Fu and can do word processing lessons over the Internet.