Sunday, September 03, 2006

I love them only because they're like me.

I think it's awesome the way my kids have picked up my mannerisms and such. Corina talks with her hands in the exact way I do. It's not particularly cute when I do it, but it's adorable to see a five year old do it.

Tonight I reminded Max to brush his teeth while he was having a bedtime drink, and he said, "I haven't had enough to drink right yet." Little boys don't say right yet! And he's taken to shouting "Bugger!" when he breaks or drops something. Hehe.

I realized how much I say "evidently" when Corina started saying it all the time. "Evidently I'm not as hungry as I thought", or "Evidently I didn't sleep very well last night." Another one I hadn't realized I said all that much was especially awesome to hear out of her little mouth. Max was taking too long with something he was supposed to be sharing, and she shouted, "You don't have to make love to it!"


CoolestWifeEver said...

Evidently, you *do* talk about making love more than you thought.

Anonymous said...

The tykes are teaching us so much more about you. Or maybe it's just me who feeds on the tidbits that come my way.

Bless this blog!

Jason said...

She never calls it making love with me.

Sherpa said...

ah, that's awesome.