Saturday, September 02, 2006

It's not fair when special treats go wrong.

I always cut my kids' hair myself. Today for a special back-to-school treat I decided to take Max to the hairdressers for a haircut. That made him feel like such a big kid, and he was really excited about it.

I told the girl I wanted just a normal boy's haircut - really short on the sides and back, and a little bit longer on the top so he could spike it up. She then took the scissors and quickly chopped his bangs off nearly at the roots, but also made them in a jaunty little rainbow arch shape. I kid you not. Max looked like he was going to cry. I think I did too. I asked if she could maybe make the bangs not so blunt like that, and she turned to the other hairdresser and asked, "How do I make bangs not look so blunt?" The other woman told her to use the something or other and do such and such, and it was clearly over the girl's head because finally the older woman told her she'd fix it once the haircut was done. I don't know why I let her continue working on Max's hair, but I did.

So then she started trimming the hair on top of his head. In slow motion she would take at most ten hairs and trim maybe a millimetre from the ends. I was watching and wondering what the heck she was doing and how she ever thought she'd finish at that speed, and then she started doing the same thing down the back of his hair where she should be using clippers. After a while I said to her, "Umm....usually I use clippers to do the sides and back..."

She was so confused. "Clippers???" She was incredulous. And so was I.

"Number 2 clippers for the sides and back," I told her.

With question marks for pupils, she looked at the other hairdresser, who then showed her how to put the number 2 attachment on the clippers. She then gave Max a mushroom cut. A mushroom cut! She made him look like a loser!

And poor Max...the look on his face almost made me cry. I asked if she would maybe use the clippers a little more up the side, and she said she would, but then continued to trim a few hairs at a time with the scissors. Meanwhile, the other woman had done three haircuts. Three! Max had been sitting there 45 freaking minutes and was nowhere near done. Finally the girl whispered something to the other hairdresser and then went in the back. The other woman finished Max's hair as best she could, did the proper stuff with the clippers, and the girl who apparently has never cut hair before came back when it was time to pay.

No one even apologized. How can they not at least say sorry for that? I was determined not to pay, but when the older woman fixed the mushroom effect I decided I would pay but not tip. That's what I did. I guess I'm not so tough. Oh, and then the older woman asked if I was getting Corina's hair cut there too, and I shrieked, "NOOOO!" As if I'd ever let them touch another of my children.

So people not need some kind of qualification other than hands to work as a hairdresser? Shouldn't they know what clippers are at the very least?



Amy said...

Good thing Max is so handsome that it doesn't even matter what his hair looks like! He'd look awesome no matter what hairstyle he dons. Tell him for me, eh?

Perhaps a "training moment" is in order for your "stylist". Training moment meaning tables turned, baby. Make her hair pretty!

brent said...

I can empathize with poor Max. I used to get my haircut by my great uncle. He's the great uncle with only one hand. And he was a barber. I kid you not. He'd hold the clippers in his "hook" and cut our hair. The thing that made me cry, though, was how he would cut my bangs on this crazy slant so that when I combed my hair straight, my bangs would be all kinds of crooked. I even drew a picture to show you.


ewesa said...

You know what they say ... "Hair today, gone tomorrow."

Poor Max. Tell him to keep a stiff upper lip, eh?

bestsariah said...

I was able to mostly fix his hair when we got home. He looks normal, but it's pretty short.

Hot picture, Brent.

Who is Ewesa? I know I've seen that name before, but I can't think of where. And there's no blog.

ewesa said...

hi bestsariah,
I'm sarah in seattle. dainon is visiting and must have used my account to post a reply. he needs computer lessons.
sorry for the confusion!
your posts are hilarious. yet ohh so true (especially about the stems.)

bestsariah said...

Ah yes - Bumbershoot or some such thing. You young kids...

Say no to drugs!