Friday, September 01, 2006

Stinky crock pot.

My friend gave me a crock pot yesterday so I could have my dinners ready when I get home from school. She's nice.

I've never used a crock pot before, my mom never used one, my grandma never used's all new to me. I put some chicken in it this morning to try it out. Just chicken, onions, and barbecue sauce. It smelled really good for the first little while, but I've learned something about crock pots. And myself. (It's been a big day!) I shouldn't ever use one when I'm going to be home all day. The smell of that chicken is so overwhelming I'm about to puke. I feel as though I've been eating it all day long. I'm having to mouth-breath just to survive, and when I think of sitting down to dinner my stomach turns. It would seem I don't enjoy smelling my dinner for 8 hours straight. I'm so disappointed.


Anonymous said...


I have some good crockpot recipes. We'll swap?

bestsariah said...

How can I? You're anonymous.