Thursday, October 26, 2006

I "like" this "note".


shannon said...

I don't know if you saw that somewhere or found it online, but if you found it in person, you should go back and write:

"ok" I'm "sorry" for any of my past "transgressions" regarding the "disposal" of the aforementioned "items"

Jesse Harris said...

Holy crap. We have a sign in our bathrooms here at work telling people to not flush paper towels. Who knew it was such an epidemic?

I mean, seriously. Who thinks "well, I know I'm right next to the trash can but I'd rather walk an extra 15 feet and put this in the toilet." Some people's kids.

Anonymous said...

Wtf is a "toliet?" Is that some fancy Canadian way of spelling toilet?

I'm "laughing" my ass off.

Pablo said...

MGMT could use some speling lesons. Fo' shizzle.

marshall p said...

oh finally, I "love" that "shit".
that's so BYU, it's Canadian.