Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sacs De Friandises D'Halloween.

I bought a huge box of Halloween Doritos yesterday. You know...that box with 27 little bags of Doritos in it. They're supposed to be for our school lunches. The problem is I can't stop eating them. Cannot. I love them and I want to marry them.

School makes me eat more. Homework makes me eat more. I feel like I can't study or do assignments without shoving things in my mouth. I'm going to become squishy.


Anonymous said...

My pregnancy super food!

In fact, Micah has a label on his tushie that reads "manufactured by Doritos".

I hear ya... and let ME be of testimony to you that yes, they indeed do make us squishy. :(

Dainon said...

I think you'd be adorable as a squishy person. Because, hey, you'll still have shiny flaxen hair. And that overrules hips that don't lie.

Anonymous said...

See, now, you've ruined my plan. I have been very sick and so haven't left the house for a week... and I figure if I can keep that up I can keep from ever being well enough to leave the house and go to the grocery store for a few months and not KNOW that those Halloween size chips are at Wal-Mart.

CCE said...

"I love them and I want to marry them... I'm going to become squishy."

Squishy girls don't get married. Don't you know anything?!