Thursday, November 02, 2006

I'm going to brag a lot right now.

Max's teacher called me tonight just to tell me that Max is smart and good. She said she is going to have him be her teaching assistant during math because he is gifted and talented, and she's also going to give him enrichment activities. Basically while she's teaching the kids the things he already knows, he'll be assisting them. Yay my kid! She then told me about the new kid who started school on Tuesday, and Max volunteered to show him around the school. He also invited the new boy to eat lunch with him and his friends and play with them at recess. Yay my kid again! He's such a nice boy.

Max was telling me about his grade one book buddy. He is cognitively impaired. That's the term for it, so don't call him dumb. Also, gifted and talented is the term for smart these days, if you didn't catch that. Max said, "We had to draw pictures of each other, so I drew him, and he drew a cat."

I love that story.

About my foot - my friend pushed me around the college in a wheelchair today because my spaghetti arms are too weak to use crutches for that long. I'm such a baby. And my massive air walker cast is incredibly sexy.


Shannon said...

Max should nickname the non-dumb boy. I vote for Ralph.

P.S. I think it's cute that you are a gimp.

Jason said...

thats so sweet. he takes after his old man... the evidence will be more-so after the kids bully him into submission for his pint sized dorito bag.

Or is it Douritos?

Dainon said...

I want to see photos of the gimp. Or at least your gimpy leg cast.

Shauna said...

Me too! Maybe you could get one of the kids to turn on the webcam and take a couple pictures. I wouldn't want you to break a finger pressing the "on" button or anything.

J said...

I love my kid and this post is great mom pride! today my son wanted to go on a roundabout again. I asked him if they have roundabouts in England. He thought about it and said, yes, but they're square.
He's 6.