Friday, December 22, 2006

4.0 GPA. Just what I wanted for Christmas.

Children With Special Needs A+
Field Placement A+
Interpersonal Communications A+
Composition A+
Human Development A+
Observation and Assessment A+
Role of the Special Needs Educational Assistant A

Damn that last mark. She gave everyone low marks on our last assignment because too many people were going to get A's. (It was our easiest class by far.) She stole my A+. I don't like plain A's at all.


bestsariah said...

And I totally admit I'm bragging, so you don't have to make fun of me for it.

Shannon said...

You deserve to brag... this time.

Krispy said...

I wish I wuz smrt. Nice jobe.

Dainon said...

Thanks for the disclaimer. I was about to make fun of you for bragging. Just so's you know, smartypants.