Friday, December 29, 2006

The best present ever!

My friend Laurie and her husband bought us a digital camera for Christmas. I'm not quite sure what we did to deserve such an amazing gift, but we are INCREDIBLY grateful. So grateful that it required all caps to get the point across. Prepare yourselves for way too many pictures of my family, starting now!

Here's where we live. Almost everyone I know has never seen my house. That's weird. Hello, Ontario people. I live here. It would be nice if someone in my family would come visit us sometime.

Corina was trying to help me figure out how to work the new camera. Figuring out these things isn't my strength, and apparently Corina found it quite boring.

While Corina and I were working hard, Max and his buddy Skyler were upstairs playing Dragons. That's what they've done every day since Christmas. I suppose it's because they're boys.
Yay for digital cameras! Also in the package from Laurie is a portable USB 2.0 SD card reader. I have no idea what it is, but I'm sure I'll figure it out. I can't seem to find a use for it yet, but it's probably important.


bestsariah said...

When I clicked on those pictures they scared me. They're so big! How do I make them not be like that?

Bethany said...

Congratulations! Yay! Now we get to see even more of your beautiful family.

I'll leave it to Mike to explain how to make your pictures not-so-big-and-scary. :)

Mike said...

You plug the card reader into the computer. Then you can stick your memory card into it to download pictures instead of having to plug in your camera. Trust me, it's very nifty. If you have some sort of image editing software you can make the pictures smaller, but straight from the camera they'll be huge (unless you change the camera settings, but you don't want to do that.)

Shannon said...

That IS the best present ever. It makes me sorta sad in a greedy way that we don't do presents in Mexico. Nothing to unwrap. That's right, I said NOTHING.
I can't wait to see more pictures.

Laurie said...

You are so sweet. Actually, it was totally selfish of me. I just wanted to see pictures of you and the kidlets. Muahaha....

I'm glad Mike was there to help you out. I just sent that thingy thing because Scott said it was a handy tool. Thank heavens for our computer savvy guys, eh?