Thursday, December 14, 2006


Corina's appointment went really well today. This was the appointment where I had to convince the doctor the situation is serious enough for us to be referred to another doctor who will actually be able to do something about it. I was very organized about it, and presented him with a lovely binder. It documents the time and date of each seizure, the events leading up to it, and what happened with each seizure...all in a fun and easy to read format! It also has her medical history as far as the epilepsy is concerned. Oh, and I had her decorate the front of it, and then made a cute title page that has an especially adorable picture of her on it. It looks really sweet, and that should serve the purpose of reminding the doctors she's a real person so they'll do their best to help her. (I know - I over think things.)

Anyway, he thinks it's quite possible the enlarged temporal horn they found in her MRI five years ago is causing the problem today, and he referred us to another doctor. Thankfully he didn't brush us off or just try to give her medication. I'm just waiting for that doctor to call with our appointment time now. Waiting. And waiting. And waiting.

Corina's having a nap beside me right now. Eight seizures since Friday - the kid is awfully tired. That's hard work.


Bethany said...

Good job with the binder. No doctor would be able to brush you guys off and feel good about it.

And, please let Corina know we're still praying for her alla time. :)

Shannon said...

I hope you get a call soon. I know in Calgary it takes forever to see a specialist, but you're in smaller town Lethbridge so that should work to your advantage.
I sure hope they can fix her. Them or the witch.

Jason Randall said...

You should still sacrifice that yak.

I wish her the best - she's such a cool kid.

Kipluck aka: BethAnn, Bob, Mayberry said...

Sounds like you are on top of things with that binder. Scrapbook her way to health! Hee hee!

(And I put her name in the Temple tonight, just fyi)