Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Eve baby.

My friend Vicky (she's the one who babysits my kids - pay attention!) had her baby yesterday. The amazing thing is she came to sacrament meeting, yet still gave birth before church was over. An hour before church was over, actually. Apparently she was in labour in the chapel, although she looked more like she had indigestion. I can't believe she can get babies out of herself so easily. I think that means she's supposed to have a whole bunch more.

There's big sister Lizzy with baby Hayden. I stole that picture from Vicky's blog. She'll probably have me arrested.


Shannon said...

Holy crap that's incredible. I wish I could have babies that fast, unless of course I was somewhere that wasn't very accessible to a hospital.

Shannon said...

Oh yeah, and the big sister looks way cute there.