Monday, December 11, 2006

I think this counts as voodoo or something.

So, I'm thinking of trying something like this for Corina. If you know me at all - and you probably do, or you wouldn't care to read about my kid's seizures - then you would know I normally hate that kind of of stuff. I don't believe in it at all, but then there's no rule that you have to have faith in it for it to work, so I'm okay.

If things continue on as they are, she's probably going to have to go on medication for her seizures. Those medications are truly horrible. A lady in my ward does energy healing, and as weird as I think that is, I think I'll give it a shot before I drug my little baby.

Now I'm asking questions. Have any of you guys tried it, or do you know someone who tried it, or have you heard of it, or do you want to buy me a Christmas present? Tell me what you think about the voodoo.


Jason Randall said...

Give Corina many hugs from her daddy. As for energy healing - it might be gay, but if gay cures, then by golly, i'm joining the rainbow marines and buying some knee pads.

Anonymous said...

I say, why not give it a shot? Like you said, it'd be better than drugging her up.

Speaking of having faith, has she received a blessing from anyone?

You may want to consider that... and maybe to comfort Max, as well.


Shannon said...

I'd say try it. I've heard that "voodooish" type things often work. Most people down here go to "natural healers" when they have things that are wrong and it seems to work fantastically. I'm with you about not wanting to put the poor girl on drugs, so go voodoo.

bestsariah said...

She got a blessing last night. I'm thinking we'll go blessing, voodoo, EEG & MRI. We'll wait on the medication. Oh, and they won't let me in the temple, so if one of you wants to put her name in, that would be super.

granolagirl said...

I've been into energy work for about 7 years after I finally gave up on doctors. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I would really look into chiropractic and homeopathics too. Be careful. Just about everyone thinks they can cure everything.
If you have questions about anything email me (you can get my address from the Harris's).

Laurie said...

I'm going to pretty much reiterate everything Granolagirl said; I think she's totally right.

I believe the best way to go is a combination of both types of therapies (holistic and allopathic)... The best of both worlds. If you can avoid medication, that would be wonderful! Really, the goal is to give her the best quality of life, right? It seems to me that medication is just going to give her other side effects that you have to then deal with... The thing about holistic therapies is that they deal with the body as a whole and not just treat the symptom. They're best for prevention, and that's what I think would be most beneficial.

Because epilepsy involves the nervous system, I personally think that energy work is going to be great for her. BUT the trick is getting someone who KNOWS what they are doing and are properly certified to do so. There are so many people out there who do a quick massage therapy school program and they get a few weeks of a certain class, and think that they're then qualified to be considered an expert in that modality.

There are some good articles on the web that will give you an idea as to what types of alternative therapy to try. There was a great one at (search: alternative therapies).

Like Granola said, Homeopathy would be a GREAT path to take. I also really recommend looking into Craniosacral Therapy, as it deals with the cerebral spinal fluid that supports, cleanses, and nourishes the central nervous system. If you go to, that is a GREAT resource for wonderfully qualified craniosacral therapists in Lethbridge. I just checked, there are lots of them there.

I'm interested in researching into it more and I'm happy to email about it also!

Just... promise you'll keep in touch with your doctor or neurologist with anything you're doing to supplement their treatments.

Jesse said...

I concur with the overall sentiment to try out a witch doctor. It takes a while to find a homeopath or a ND (that's a naturpathic doctor worth their salt, and they may not always have success, but the ones I've seen do a better job than the "take 2 aspirin and call me in the morning" traditional doctors.

... said...

"Oh, and they won't let me in the temple, so if one of you wants to put her name in, that would be super."

Done, dearie. I went this morning. :)

bestsariah said...

Thank you, helpful people. I can't believe I'm going to be a witch now, but whatever it takes to help my kid, I suppose. I'll get on it. All of it. Every last bit of it. seizures yesterday, and none so far today.

granolagirl said...

I wanted to add a ps-apparently my aunt (who's so into voodoo she wont see regular doctors) is epileptic. I never knew, we think my cousin is too. We're going to talk to her and see what's worked for them.
I'll let you know when we hear from her.