Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Kids with brain damage are funny.

Corina is very happy that she gets to sleep in my room every night while we sort out this epilepsy deal. After her bath, she asked if she still gets to sleep in my room tonight.
I told her my room is a seizure-free zone, and she only gets to sleep there if she doesn't have a seizure in my bed.
She said, "Well sucks to be you. I'm sleeping in your bed and I'm having a seizure."
How great is she? Very great. She's already making jokes about it. If you have to have epilepsy, you may as well have fun with it. That's what I always say. Always. I can't stop saying it. Someone help me.
And yes, that's totally my room in the picture.


granolagirl said...

That room is hot.

bestsariah said...

She was right. She did have a seizure in my bed! What a brave little thing she is.

I was typing out notes for the doctor of all the history, and all of a sudden I remembered something from her MRI when she was a baby. She had an enlarged temporal horn. They said it probably wouldn't cause any problems. I think maybe it's causing problems. Kind of cool that typing up all that history brought the memory back. Maybe it will help.

... said...

She. Is. Awesome. That's totally hilarious.

And yay for remembering stuff that may come in helpful. :)

Sherpa said...

That room is awesome, and Corina is great.

Jason Randall said...

Corina is awesome. I love that girl. She's my hero.

The wind beneath my temporal horn.

if you will.

Shannon said...

Hey, how did Corina's appt go?

Update your blog with some stuff already, eh!