Thursday, January 25, 2007

Corina's EEG

Corina did such a good job staying up last night. She didn't complain much at all, even though she was completely exhausted. After a short sleep, I woke her up at 5:00. She didn't even cry! What a good girl.

Here she is on the 7:00 bus on the way to the hospital.

The lady measured Corina's head and drew on it with a red marker.

Next, it was time to have the electrodes attached to her noggin. She stayed very still, just as she was supposed to.
Well hello there, electrode girl. She looks so tired in this picture!
Tired, sad, and cute.
Corina says, "It kind of stings when they put the cream on my head, and when they put the cream on it made me not be able to breathe very well because it was so strong. I don't like the lights that were flashing. My eyes were closed, but it really bugged me!!! The blowing was fun. There was a little wheel, and then I suck up, and then I blow out, and then it goes round and round and round. I had to do it for four minutes straight. Now I feel tired."


CoolestWifeEver said...

Such a sweet little girl.

Kipluck said...

I am glad SHE liked that blowing thing. I HATE those. (always doing it because of my Apnea)

Yay for Brave Corina! (and her SUPER MOMMY!!!)

... said...

Hailey says, "Poor Corina. I hope you feel better."

Tell her we all think she's so brave.

hailey sue prudler

p.s. Hailey typed her name herself.

granolagirl said...

That kid's even cute when she's all hooked up to machines. Hope everything is working out with the tests!

heatherlynn said...

oh sweet gal! i'm a little behind so i apologize bc i don't know what prompted the eeg but were the results good? testing isn't fun. i am constantly amazed by technology that let's us measure, test, and see inside the bod. thank goodness for it.

Shannon said...

The picture with those things all attached to her head looks like a scene out of a sci-fi movie. She should be an actress.