Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I am officially a Lethbridgeitarionite.

You know what's neat? I will tell you. I am starting to feel really connected to Lethbridge. I've been here nearly four years now. At first it was weird, because I would go to the mall or wherever and I wouldn't see a single familiar face. That might not sound weird, but it felt weird.

Today I realized I finally know lots of people here. When I was walking up to my practicum this morning, a friend of mine was dropping off his son for school. A few children I know were walking into the school. My classroom teacher is a friend of mine who requested to have me in her classroom. The ESL student I was teaching today lives with a guardian, and the guardian is a friend of mine. The bus drivers and I are all buddies and they wave to me when they drive by. (Unless I want a ride. Then they stop.) I ran into someone I know when I was coming home from my babysitter's house tonight. I also know my babysitter, but I suppose that is to be expected.

Anyway, my point is I now run into people I know when I go out, and that makes me feel even more at home. I really like it here. I still haven't found anyone who gets to be my boyfriend, but I bet he's just hiding.


Dainon said...

Congrats, child. You're home now.*

*And that boyfriend comment is too easy to to touch, so I'm just gonna leave it for one of your other boyfriends that always comment here.

Shauna said...

Two thumbs up. Way up.

Here's to not feeling completely and totally alone.

Krispy said...

I bet Shannon will be your boyfriend now that she's back in Canada.

And I didn't know you liked people. That really is an awful lot of friends you mentioned.

Kipluck said...

I wish I knew that many people where I am. I like feeling HOME.