Monday, January 01, 2007

I haven't posted a blog since last year.

Corina was quite excited about partying with me for New Years this year. I asked her if she knew what New Year's Eve actually is, and she wasn't sure. I said, "Well, the day after Christmas Eve is Christmas Day, so what do you think the day after New Years Eve is?"
Her eyes lit up and she answered, "Adam and Eve's birthday!"
Totally makes sense. One day for Jesus, one day for Adam and Eve. I told her she was right.

We had such a great time tonight. The second most fun part of the evening was watching Neil try to get untangled from Corina. The very best part was Neil's mistake with the cat testicles.
I like this picture because my hair looks impossibly smooth and shiny.
Corina managed to stay up until about 1:30, and she didn't even have a nap before we went out. Max stayed up too, although he managed not to get in any of the pictures. I swear he was there. In fact he took these two pictures of the group.
It's my birthday in 6 days. I think the whole world should throw a party for that, too.


bestsariah said...

Oops...Max is in a picture after all. That's his lower body in the chair in the first picture. Doesn't he look like he's having fun? His upper body was there too.

Shannon said...

Your hair does look perfect in that picture. I want it.

Michelle said...

Hey I managed to not be in any of the pictures either but I was there. I was probably just there because I live there, I don't think I was invited.