Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I thought we were going to discuss polynomials.

I had my first math class today. It was not quite what I was expecting.

We got into groups and shared our feelings about math. Sharing feelings is hard enough for me, but who actually has feelings about math? I didn't know how to do it. If it was for marks, I would have failed. When it was my turn I just said, "Math and I broke up last week. I can't talk about it."

These touchy-feely classes confuse me.


Jason Randall said...

Math never taught me the time of day in high school.

Math was a skanky biatch.

... said...

I liked your excuse to get out of it.

Clever girl.

heatherlynn said...

i'm the big geek here. i *heart* my math class. so very much. i get this little tizzy in my heart when we talk about weirdo math concepts. and a little brain dead.

were you able to shed a convincing tear?