Saturday, January 06, 2007

My birthday gifts.

Someone who wants to remain anonymous bought me two dresses for my birthday, and Max took some pictures of me in them this morning. I love them!

That one didn't really show the dress, but I like my hair in it.

Look at the way my toilet is glowing. It looks so clean. And see the pretty dress!

I have very long pointers. All the better for...pointing.

Thanks for the dresses, you-know-who.


... said...

Fancy, fancy. The dresses, the hair, the toilet.

I hope the anonymous donor wasn't grocery store man?

Shannon said...

You look lovely.

Laurie said...


Happy birthday!!

Dainon said...

Land sakes, you're lovely.

Happy birthday to you (belated).

brent said...

We should caption this photo.

Here, I'll go first.

"I've got your pretty dress right here, bitches!"