Monday, January 08, 2007

What I Think of Mexico.

This is especially for Shannon. Tonight for FHE the kids and I went through my schoolwork from when I was little. We came across a booklet I made when I was 7. We learned about Mexico in class, and these were my thoughts on the subject.

I think Mexico whold be a fun place to live. I don't know why I think it is but I just think it is in the book Two Pesos For Catalina (A Mexico book). It just tells me all about Mexico. (It even tells me how to talk a bit of Mexico.) The book is a long book but it is fun to read! I love to read but I really like reading Two Pesos For Catalina. It is a very nice book.


Kipluck said...

Did it tell you me how to talk a bit of Crap to get an A on a book report you probably only read the cover of the book for?

Sherpa said...

that's an awesome book report.

Shannon said...

When you were 7, which was a pretty long time ago, there wasn't even really such a thing as 2 pesos. Right now, 2 pesos is about 20 cents, but approx. 10 years ago what is 2 pesos now was 2000 pesos. Everything was reduced by 1000 percent of what it is now. So your two pesos for Catalina would actually be the equivalent today of .4 cents. That's a bargain.
Thanks for posting that just for me. I feel special.