Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Max shall not go to war.

Max and I both have an interest in the Holocaust. (Probably because of our rich Gypsy heritage.) We decided we're going to get some books about the war to learn more about it, and then we'll read The Diary of Anne Frank. As I was tucking him in tonight, he looked a little worried. In a quiet little voice, he asked me, "Will I ever have to go in a war? Because I don't know how. And I get too hungry."

Oh. My. I love him.


Kipluck said...

Aww... it is kind of sad that a kid even THINKS about needing to go to war. But the hungry thing. TOO FUNNY. He is SO CUTE.

Mike said...

He won't have to worry about going to war as long as Canada keeps having defense ministers like this guy. He'll let the aliens fight.

Pablo said...

I don't know, Max, the guy in the picture could be eating a powerbar.