Friday, February 02, 2007

Sarah Silverman

My gift to you.


Kipluck said...

"I wish the retarded, were re-smarted"

I think I need to text that to my little brother.

Like NOW.

At 4 am.

granolagirl said...

(for Shauna and Jesse)
and we're back on poop! See. It's not just us :P

Sherpa said...

That was....perfect.

Laurie said...

We watched her debut episode last week, and it was hilarious. Later, I was telling Scott about this video, and I said, "Remember Sarah Silverman, the comedienne that Sara loves?" And Scott said, "You mean the comedienne that Sara IS??" I thought that was complimentary that he says your humor is similar to hers.

bestsariah said...

I've been told that quite a few times, actually. And then that makes me feel conceited that I love her so much. I'm sort of in love with myself. (Not like that's a surprise to anyone.)

Dainon said...

As long as you're in love with yourself, you'll never have to be murried ever again. Never ever never. So go on, play kissyface in the mirror s'more.