Friday, February 02, 2007

Seven weird things about me, by Max and Corina.

1. She says, "Nooooooo....noooooooooooooo....NOOOOOOOOO!" in her sleep.

2. She rocks back and forth when she sits and stands.

3. She goes through the grocery store backward. She starts at the pop and goes through until she is at the fruit.

4. When no song is on, she just grabs something and pretends it's a microphone and starts singing into it.

5. She doesn't let me ride my bike to the store with my friends. I can only go if she goes too. - Max.

6. She likes to throw water on us.

7. She can fall asleep in less than three seconds. We've timed her.


Bobbie said...

Cute to have the kids do it!

I'm impressed with the 3 seconds to fall asleep!

Kipluck said...

I wish I could fall asleep that fast.

Though maybe not. I guess it depends on how scary those dreams are she is saying No in.