Saturday, March 24, 2007

The big cub car rally!

Here are Max and Corina before the races began. They were both very excited!

Here is the very first race. Max is watching his car come down the track. Can you tell how it's going by the look on his face?

Each Cub got to race six times. Here's Max after his fourth race.

He ended up coming in last place. That's last out of every single Cub there. Poor little monkey! (And what a nice sister he has.) By the fifth race he had decided not to be sad anymore, and we just laughed about his silly car. We pretended the point of the race was to defy gravity and have the car that refused to move down the track. And that means Max won!

He did get an award though. They gave five awards for the best looking car. Yay! In the end looks are all that matter anyway, right?

I'm so proud of him. He's such a good sport.


brent said...

Oh, boy, can I relate! My first time racing pinewood derby cars, as they're known here in the States, was a total disastrous pathetic mess.

I tried to make my car look like KITT from Knight Rider, and it turned out OK, I guess, but I did feel a little uneasy about the white knight chess piece my mom painted on the hood. It looked like a real horse's head, though, with a flowing mane, and that was kinda girly.

Ugh, so when we actually raced, my car, just like Max's (sounds like it, anyway) didn't even finish. It was emasculating.

How was I to know you're supposed to use graphite powder to reduce friction, sand down the nails and the wheels and put weights in your car? There's a science to this? Apparently, yes.

But good on ya, Max. I didn't even get an award for best-looking car.

Bobbie said...

The pictures are priceless. And who cares if your car is slow, if it's good looking it's a winner!

Ok well, a fast car is cool too, but you get it.

bestsariah said...

They announced new rules for next year that no one is allowed to use graphite (I don't even know what that means) and no one can even oil their wheels. Sounds good to me. Now no one will cross the finish line.

Jonathan said...

It sounds like your little man played the game properly - with the effort and fun that was expected, whereas everybody else was really involved in a pushy Dad and their shed competition.