Sunday, March 11, 2007

My email is broken.

This is not my inbox:

The reason I'm not emailing you back is because Yahoo is on drugs. It's not because I don't love you. I do love you. (Very much.) Anyone know how to make my email work again?


brent said...

It's busted, all right. I just tried. Whatever happened to your love for Gmail?

Jason Randall said...

she entered this lovely message on my blog:

"Gmail sucks."

I disagree and she broke my heart....again.

Nya Nya.

Bobbie said...

Mine was doing the same thing, but now it works. :-) Stupid e-mail. It would go through on my blackberry but I couldn't check it on the computer.

bestsariah said...

And now it works.

Gmail made me mad because my inbox was always filled with poo.

Jonathan said...

I use my own email these days - although if I used anything else I would use GMail (I have an account there).

Google are great, but they are also the next Microsoft, or IBM.

chartie said...

Your blog picture says you were trying to log-in to Paypal ... that might be your first problem. They don't have email there.

bestsariah said...

You weren't supposed to look that closely.