Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Cookies and Kids and Brian Bonsall.

I've said this before: I make the best chocolate chip cookies ever. I just made approximately a million of them. Tomorrow is my last day at the middle school, so we're going to have a little party. Hard to believe that was the whole semester! I liked it there a lot, but I'm glad to be done. Now I'll have much more time to work on other assignments.

Remember that cute little boy from Family Ties? He was cute. And little.

And then he grew up. Sad.


Mike said...

Yeah, it's hard when you reach your height of success at 4 years old.

Shannon said...

Can you mail me some of your yummy cookies... So I can see if they really are the best and stuff.

heatherlynn said...

oh man. so disturbing!

but the cookies--yes yes yes!

heatherlynn said...

i thought about your cookies today. how'd it go how'd it go?

bestsariah said...

The kids had a surprise party for me. They had two tables full of food, and we watched a movie. It was awesome. They gave me flowers, and then they all attacked me for hugs. I think one of the boys touched my boob.