Saturday, April 07, 2007

Easter so far...

The Easter Bunny hid our eggs on Thursday night. That just worked better for us.

Today we went to the Galt Museum, where we made our own ice cream. The local news came for some reason, so I imagine tonight we will be famous. There is a news camera aimed right at them in these pictures.

Making the ice cream was better than eating it, but that's only because there was way too much vanilla in it. Corina managed to eat all of hers though. She even said it was good!
Tomorrow the kids will be wearing their fancy Easter clothes, so more pictures will be coming. I bet you can't wait.


bestsariah said...

We looked very cute on the news. I forgot to watch at 6, but we were so cute they played it again at 11. Yay us!

... said...

Hailey said, "Hey, look! Corina has the same basket as me!"

Glad the Easter Bunny treated you so well. :)

And yay for being on the news!