Monday, April 30, 2007

Fairness, Forgiveness, Justice, Peacefulness, Reliability

Corina got the citizenship award at her school today. Yay Corina! She's such a good girl.
We're really enjoying our time together now that I'm done my semester. I go to school with her most mornings, and then we just hang out all afternoon and play or whatever. It's awesome.


Laurie said...

Tell me what your secret is to raising Superkids! I swear!

Congratulations, Corina! That is a really special award!

... said...

Congratulations, Corina! What a good girl.

And isn't being able to just hang out with the kidlets... like, THE best thing in the world?


Jonathan said...

I love spending time playing with children - I always find it very theraputic. Of course then the other adults around laugh at me for acting like such a big kid myself...