Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A very frightening Tootsie Pop story.

I ate a Tootsie Pop (red) while I was reading. The situation was a little something like this:

When the Tootsie Pop was all gone, I kept the stick in my mouth while I read. I was sitting very still. I was a statue, in fact. After probably twenty minutes, I guess my mouth twitched. The stick moved a little, and I screamed and almost died. I forgot I had it in my mouth. Not knowing there's a sucker stick in my mouth and then having it move is apparently the scariest thing that could ever happen to me.

On a less frightening note, I got 64/65 on my first final. I haven't got my mark yet for the second one. And I am soooooo glad to be done with school for four months. Now I get to spend the mornings in Corina's kindergarten, which I suppose is still school, but it's better.
And one other thing. I didn't do any fancy effects on that picture. That's just what the lighting in my living room did. I think it's neat.


... said...

Wow. I'm glad you didn't die. Congratulations on your test score and being able to join Cornia's kindergarten class once again.

And, Sara, love... we all know you don't even know how to do fancy effects on pictures. Come now. ;)

Dainon said...


Krispy said...

How scary for you. I'm glad you didn't have a heart attack from that ordeal. Nice marks.

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Wow. Guess I'll never make fun of Sara's computer abilities ever again.

Slice of humble pie: eaten. :D

Jonathan said...

Excellent photo - and great story about the stick :)

I'm not sure I've ever totally forgotten something in my mouth, but I have walked around the house looking for my sunglasses while I was wearing them.