Saturday, April 14, 2007

We take pictures of everything we do.

For over a year now, the bus stop in these pictures has been our LOST bus stop. (LOST = the best show that ever existed.) Corina invented a game where we have to choose which character we are, and then we have to balance on the wood while we walk to the fence. If we make it there, the character survives. If not, they die. We then go back and try to get all the characters safely to the fence before the bus comes. I like to start with Sawyer, and Corina starts with Kate.

I like to take pictures of silly things like this, because one day my babies will be grown-ups, and when they see the pictures they just might remember playing Bus Stop LOST.

The reason we were taking the bus was because Corina's birthday isn't only one day. We let it last all week. It was time for her birthday dinner. She made me proud and chose to go to O-Sho for Japanese food. We get to sit in cool little rooms on the floor there, and it's very fun. Corina almost has the hang of chopsticks.

Max does too, although you can't tell it by this picture.

I totally have the hang of it, thanks to that chopsticks obsession I had a couple of years ago.

We had a really fun time together, and now Corina's birthday week is coming to an end. Not to worry though...Max's birthday is in a month!


... said...

Mmmm... tasty!

Yay Corina for choosing sushi. And, how cute is your little family with your bus stop LOST.

Love it.

Kipluck said...

I don't even watch Lost, but playing it at the bus stop makes me want to.

heatherlynn said...

every time i check in here i want more and more to be a part of your family! love. it.

bestsariah said...

Heather, why were you up at 4:08? If you were in my family, I would make you go to bed at a decent hour.

Laurie said...

I am all about Corina's bag!! Where can I get one for myself?