Friday, May 11, 2007

More fun with Papa

Today we took the kids on their very first hike up a mountain. It was Papa's first hike too. And what could be better than hiking up something called Bear's Hump? We had lots of fun with that name today. (Mama, what mountain are we going to climb? - Bear's Hump, honey. - I know they do, Mama, but what mountain are we going to climb? Ha!) Here we are having a little lunch before we got into serious hiking.

Cute little Max and Corina at the top. They had no problem getting there. It was the old people holding things up.

See how high up we are? We're awesome! And look at that view. (It's hideous.)

We also went canoeing, which was Papa's dream come true. He couldn't wait to take a canoe out in Waterton.

This is what Papa looks like when his dream is coming true. (Terrified?)

We had such a fun and busy week. I'm exhausted! Papa is leaving in the morning, and then at lunch it's Max's birthday party. My house will be overrun with grade four boys.


Shauna said...

Beautiful. :)

Jonathan said...

We went hiking in the Lake District in the UK last week - the closest we get to mountains. All the hard work is worth it for that look back over your shoulder at the amazing views...

Great photos. Reminded me also of how much I love canoeing.

Shannon said...

Awesome photos. It looks like you guys have been having a great time. I assume you dad is gone now though so hurry up and post something new. Now!