Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Corina's field trip

It was much more fun than Max's, thankfully. We went to Pavan Park, where we played all day and ate tons of food.

We had a lovely ride on the school bus...

Corina tried very hard to do the hula hoop, but they weren't actually hula hoops. That made it difficult. They were weighted hoops for games where you throw stuff in them or something like that.
This was Corina's secret fort in the trees. She was nice enough to invite me in.

I love being a mommy.


Jason Randall said...

I love your kids. Man, they're cute.

I'm waiting to see the post where they go crazy and start punching the mailman in the gonads.

... said...

Of course you love being a mommy! You're so very good at it. :)

Laurie said...

You ARE a good mommy! I'm not sure you realize how much influence you've had over the rest of us over the past few years. But I plan to copy you and steal all of your mothering ideas so that my kids will be awesome too!