Thursday, June 14, 2007

Corina's Graduation

Today was a big day for Corina. Her kindergarten class had their graduation ceremony!
They each had a speaking part, they sang us lots of songs, and they got diplomas. Very important stuff. Corina had the first part in the program. She said, "We want to welcome you to our year-end celebration. We hope you enjoy the show."

And next year she'll be in grade one. Full days of school! She is growing up way too quickly.


... said...

Great job, Corina! We're so proud of you. (Not like we had anything to do with it.)

Hailey was ripped off! They didn't do a ceremony. They just ate some hot dogs.

Laurie said...

Congratulations Corina! You look so pretty in your graduation ceremony pictures. Such a cutie.

Krispy said...

Unrelated. Today in Church I sat behind a kid who looks a lot like Max, except younger, and not as cute or smart (people can look smart or dumb, you know).

Dainon said...

I'd rather have hot dogs, mixed with macaroni 'n cheese, of course.