Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Field trip to Beauvais Lake

The grade fours had their end of the year field trip today, and I went too. The 1½ hour ride there was lots of fun, and we expected our time at the lake would be fun too.

We were wrong. We were so very wrong. We were the first group to ever have a field trip to the lake, and those people do not know how to do field trips. We sat on this windy, freezing cold hill for the entire morning while the woman pointed out different species of grass and leaves and other stuff no one should care about. And especially ten-year-olds don't care about.

We were so cold that for a while, Max and I were lying down to get out of the wind, and I was warming him up with my hair.
Hours later...still sitting on the hill. For about half an hour, I had my group move to the side and we pretended to eat poisonous plants, and then we pretended to be dead. It was probably the highlight of the trip.
Honestly, it's a beautiful lake, but that field trip was torture. Oh, and after lunch they had the kids spend almost an hour weeding a field. Really! They made them pull weeds, and if they didn't get the roots out they had to go get a park worker who would come dig the root out with a shovel for them. Such fun.

And just because she's so cute...here's Corina on our playground.


Shannon said...

" I had my group move to the side and we pretended to eat poisonous plants, and then we pretended to be dead."

I think that's hilarious, but have any parents complained yet? Or called the school to find out who the crazy chaperone was?

Jason Randall said...

the fact that you didnt wear a black bikini while weeding the fields is disappointing.

chartie said...

Don't they have child labor laws in Canada? you HEATHENS!

Laurie said...

What a crazy idea for a field trip! Who thought of making the kids pull weeds anyway? That's neat that you're one of those cool moms who go with on the field trips.

Dainon said...

The best part about this post is Corina. I do believe they call the look she's sporting "the cat who ate the canary." You can double-check if you'd like.

mike said...

The trip was lame because you went to Beauvais Lake.
Next time go to Butthead Lake. Field trips there are way cool. Plus there's fire!