Friday, June 22, 2007

Sports Day!

The most fun day of school all year, as far as I'm concerned. It was called Play Day when I was a kid, but now it has the much cooler name of Sports Day. My kids are great little athletes.

Max kicked butt at the high jump, and he looked so very cute!

Corina was on the other side of the school in the smaller field, where they had games that weren't quite so hard. She laughed her way through the potato sack races.

Max tied for second in the long jump. He's such a cool kid.

Trying to get the sand out of his shoes. And isn't he handsome? The girls are already falling in love with him, and who could blame them?
I don't know what they would call this game, but the kids had to carry cups of water on their heads as they ran to a bucket, where they would then dump the water. It was hilarious.

And look at my tiny little Corina doing hurdles for her very first time. I was so impressed with her. Those long, skinny legs made it over easily.


Laurie said...

We used to call it Field Day when I was in elementary school. Sports Day is WAY cooler! I still think that's so awesome that you have the opportunity to go to these events. I don't think either of my parents were ever able to make it.

bestsariah said...

That picture of Corina doing the hurdles keeps making me laugh out loud out loud out loud. Her arms and legs are so incredibly long and skinny!

... said...

Yep. She looks like a little stick person. But cuter.

Shannon said...

Max looks so grown up in those photos. Next thing you know, he'll be moving out and getting married.