Monday, June 25, 2007

Treat Day

Today was Treat Day. For those of you who don't know, Treat Day comes at the end of the month, and it's the day we pretend we're rich people. We go out for dinner and some kind of fun activity, and then sometimes we buy stuff. Just stuff. Whatever we feel like, because it's Treat Day! We look forward to it all month long.

Today we went to see Are We Done Yet, which was surprisingly funny. We ate candy and chocolate bars and popcorn and drank litres and litres of Dr Pepper. We played video games at the movies too. We ate at Subway, and then we walked around the mall for a while and bought matching shirts for Max and Corina. Corina really wanted a cool shirt, and these were cool. They really like being twins. Max also got a Circa shirt, because Circa is awesome when you're a ten year old boy.
And now Corina and I are going to play Police Officer. She needs to ask me some questions.


Jason Randall said...

Are Reeboks popular in Canada? I mean, can you still buy Z Cavariccis and Jordaches there too?

I need some acid wash jeans.

bestsariah said...

I have no idea what that first thing is that you said, but yes, Reeboks are popular in Canada. The kids think they're lovely.

Sherpa said...

Huh, Reebok is popular out here...and its way more fashionable than Arizona for example. ;)

Jason Randall said... is their site, which is crazy because they're infamous with 1987-1991 American fashion.

Dainon said...

You have the best mommy blog on the Internet. Maybe it helps that your kids are all growed up. Well, mostly growed.