Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Because I am the best mom ever...

I bought a tent for my kids. I am not a tent person. Max and I set it up all by ourselves, and we're pretty proud of that accomplishment. It was our first time! Tonight we're going to sleep in it. If that goes well, I may even take them camping one day.

I am trying to get skin cancer by playing outside in my bikini again.

Today we made chocolate covered strawberries together. (That is also because I am the best mom.) They were awesome, but they sure melted quickly in the hot sun.

And now we're going back outside to play in the sprinklers. I think the best idea I ever had was to go to school to be a teacher person. I get to play like this every single summer!


Laurie said...

I just busted my kid packing his bags to move to your place.

...maybe it has something to do with the spelt honey cinnamon sugar-free muffins in the oven we're baking for a treat tonight.

Jason Randall said...

Dang! I believe the kids would say "big pimpin, spendin cheese." A reference to having cars and accessories, as well as the proud sentiment of being lactose tolerant.