Sunday, July 22, 2007

Our Summer Holiday

This weekend we had a car, which was awesome all on its own. We could have just driven around the neighborhood and it would have been a great holiday. I made it even better by going to lovely places. First we went to Cardston to visit M & M & M. We went swimming, and Corina jumped into the deep end from a big ball. I was very impressed with her.

We visited the temple, where we posed reverently.

The next day we drove to Calgary so we could go to Calaway Park for our very first time. We all loved it. The kids were brave and went on all kinds of scary rides. Max even went on the roller coaster. It goes upside down, you know. (This picture isn't the roller coaster. It's a spinning thing.)

Here are my little people having lunch and looking adorable.

And here I am wearing a fanny pack. I am the awesomest.

We watched a show of some kind at Calaway Park, and they invited Corina to join them on stage. She was adorable.

The show itself was not so adorable. Their parents must be so ashamed.

Drinks and popsicles, drinks and was a very hot weekend.

The day after that, we went to the Calgary Zoo. This is the dinosaur exhibit, which was awesome, but in a zoo? I don't get it.

This slide was pretty cool. Who wouldn't want to slide out of a snake's mouth? (I wonder how Corina's skinny legs are strong enough to even hold her up.)

Hot dog time at the zoo.
Mustard time at the zoo.

Our favourite thing at the zoo - the gorillas! We fell in love with them. We wanted to bring them home with us.
We were face to face with them as they licked peanut butter off the glass at feeding time.

Anyway, those are just a few of the 240 pictures we took this weekend. We had such a great time. We even stayed in a fancy hotel, which was a first for the kids. We're thinking we need to do vacations like this more often. It was so fun!


Dainon said...

You oughta do that more often. Your boy is getting all kindsa shagadelic, idn't he? Looks good.

bestsariah said...

Yep...I've never let him have long hair before, and it's very hard for me. I'm trying to let him be the boss of his own body.

Shannon said...

First I had to read about this on facebook, now on here. I'm still pissed you didn't tell me that you came to town.

Sherpa said...

I dig the shaggy look on most boys. Totally works on your son!