Monday, July 02, 2007

Canada Day

We went to the fireworks last night for Canada Day. See?

This is also us at the fireworks. Corina appears to have gained fifty pounds just for this picture. We got home past midnight. We were all starving, so we made hot dogs. Corina insisted she could eat two, although she normally eats almost one. I made her two anyway. When she stopped eating before the first one was done, I said, "I know a little girl whose eyes are bigger than her tummy!"

Max and Corina both looked confused and said, "Pardon?"

I repeated myself, and both of them got such shocked looks on their faces. Max said, "Really???" and Corina just looked like she might faint. They had no idea what I was talking about, and thought I knew a little girl whose eyes were literally bigger than her tummy. They were amazed. I laughed and laughed and laughed at them, and finally told them it's just a silly expression old people use. I asked if they could guess what it means.

Max seemed to have figured it out, and said, "Oh, it just means they have big eyes."

I started laughing at him again, and he said, "Tiny eyes?.... A tiny tummy?.... Eyes on their tummy?.... They go wide-eyed? .... Is it Corina?.... Is it one of the kids in your Nursery?"

I love that story. It's my favourite.

And on a different topic - I gave Corina a present for passing kindergarten. It's Kate from Lost. She loved it, if you can't tell. When she got her out of the box, she breathed, "I've never touched Kate before."

And here's a great picture Max took of me after the fireworks last night. I was doing Canada Day Karate.


Jason Randall said...

Your karate looks almost as cool as my Meez.

Jason Randall said...

Where did your karate picture go?


bestsariah said...

What do you mean? It's still right there.

Laurie said...

Love love LOVE the dramatic side part you're sporting. Very sexy.

That story was HILARIOUS. I'm one of those old people who use that expression. Maybe I'll store it away for when my kids are older so that I might use it in an equally funny moment. Scott and I also both laughed about the Kate quote. Oh man... she is seriously too precious!

Shannon said...

You look pretty. And skinny.
Eat a cheeseburger or I'm going to try and run you over.

Dainon said...

I like that they're these two quizzical Canadian kids who take everything literally ... "But, mummy, whatever do you mean?"

Kipluck said...

I don't know if Independence Day Karate could be as hot as Canada day Karate but your kids are HILARIOUS.

Krispy said...

You really look like Sandra Bullock in the first two pictures. It must be the side part.

bestsariah said...

That would mean I also look like Bethany, because she looks even more like Sandra Bullock.

vicky said...

I love the picture of Corina at the fireworks, She looks so cute. Where did those chubby checks come from?

Sherpa said...

Hey! I was waiting for the fireworks on the 4th and there was a little boy doing those same moves right next to me. Except he was japanese. and 3 or 4.