Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Riding a two wheeler!

Today Corina decided to learn to ride her bike. I helped her get balanced, she started pedaling, I let go, and off she went. Just like that. She didn't even fall once!

Max helped her get balanced too. He's a great big brother.

Look how excited she is!
Max spent hours today going off the jump. He took one really bad fall when they set up the jump dangerously high. He got cuts, bruises, and scrapes on nearly every part of his body. He says it was worth it.
There's my big girl. She was so proud of herself.


... said...

Yay, Corina! Now you really CAN "Rock the road". :)

chartie said...

Max's bike ramp kind of reminds me of the Napoleon Dynamite scene . . . just make sure he's protecting the vitals!