Sunday, August 26, 2007


The Cornfest was actually pretty awesome, and very much like the Western Fair back home in London. It even had a bunch of the same rides, like the Gravitron. I loved that ride when I was a kid, and yesterday Max and Corina went on it. I was sure Corina would hate it and cry through the whole ride, but she insisted she would love it, so I let her go on. She totally loved it. Brave kid. Here's a picture of them in front of it after their second time riding.

Max and Corina won Crabby at the dart throwing game. Yay!

This was our favourite thing at the Cornfest. We went back to play this at least five times, and got rougher each time. By the end, we were going for blood. Or bruises. Something like that.

We took a break from the Cornfest to go to the Cornmaze. Two different places, but still all about corn. That maze was stinkin hard! The kids and I had fun jumping around on the hay when we finished the maze, and we got our hands full of slivers.

After the cornmaze, we headed back to Taber for the Cornfest fireworks, during which we shouted things like, "CORN! WE ARE SO THANKFUL FOR CORN! CORN IS GOOD!" I don't know if other people thought we were funny, but we thought we were hilarious. That's all that matters.

That was a long day. The kids died on the way home.


Debra Kay said...

Hey, I ran across you on Shazz's blog and thought I should come say hi and check out your blog. Love the pics. Looks like you had a great time. :)

Jesse Harris said...

You just made me think of American Gladiators.

Dainon said...

I like the corn cheers best. Thanks for letting us peek in at your family adventures.

... said...

I'm with Jesse. Did you have gladiator names?

Kipluck said...

I am glad your shouting was corn appropriate. (see how I resisted saying corny? *pats self on head*) I will have to remember that for when we do basically the EXACT same activities at work (Corn Maze is a big draw at Thanksgiving Point, too, you know.)

Laura said...

You look like you've been having a TON of fun this summer. I wish I was your child.