Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A day at the circus, and a sweet story.

We went to the circus today for our very first time. Max actually didn't even know what a circus was! How does that happen? They both said it wasn't what they had expected, but they totally loved it.

At intermission, they brought out an elephant for the kids to ride. I knew fifteen minutes wouldn't be enough time for everyone to ride who wanted to, so we ran down there to get a place in line while we decided if we could afford it. Turns out, it was $10 each to ride. (Holy.) They both wanted to ride it so badly though, so I figured it was worth it. Pretty cool to sit on an actual elephant, right?

I discovered I only had $10 in my wallet. I pulled it out and let them know I only had enough for one of them to ride. They both got worried looks on their faces, but didn't say anything. I didn't know what to do about it. After a few seconds of thinking, Max took a deep breath and said, "Corina can ride." And then he did a tiny little cringe, and said, "But I really wanted to."

Oh. My. I love him so much. It was so hard for him to give up his turn that he actually cringed when he said it. He is seriously such a good, sweet, loving boy. It made me cry. And then I cried about 7 more times, each time I thought about it. I just love him so much.

Here they are just hanging out, waiting for the show to begin.

Here's Corina having her turn on the elephant. She knows what a great brother she has.

The little guy behind her was scared, and he just about squeezed Corina to death. Precious.

We decided to go to the circus again next year, and Max definitely gets to ride the elephant.


Shannon said...

Aww. Corina is super lucky to have Max. I could see Tryston doing that for his little brothers, but never for a little sister, because big brothers aren't supposed to be that nice to their sisters. It's just not natural. Max is special. I'm not sure he's even from Earth.

... said...

Give Max a high five from us. Whatta sweetheart.

Sherpa said...

What a sweet brother.

Krispy said...

I'm with Shannon. I think your son is an alien.

Laurie said...

'Tis true. That is a very unique relationship they've got going on.

Kipluck said...

What a cool brother. That is so sweet.