Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A love letter

Who wouldn't love a girl who sends letters like that? No one wouldn't love her. True story.

During my long distance relationship with Jody, I tried to add excitement by sending random things in the mail. This love letter was probably the best thing I ever sent. It's also a little scary, but it's not the scariest. Oh, no it's not.

I post this for the laughter, so laugh if you like.


brent said...

That's actually a very nice love letter, Miss Slade. It sure beats the stuff I get.

But did you scan or something before you mailed it? If so, way to preserve history for your posterity!

bestsariah said...

No, he scanned it and sent it to me later when he came across it.

Shannon said...

I like your creativity.

Shauna said...

Actually... this doesn't make me laugh. It makes me profoundly sad. Wistful-sad. Something like that.

bestsariah said...

It makes me feel that way a little bit too.