Saturday, August 18, 2007

Our first camping trip

We had a lot of firsts this weekend! We went camping with our ward on Friday night, which was actually pretty fun. We'll probably go camping again next summer. We might even be "people who camp".

We went out in the canoe, which we did before with my dad, and then the kids wanted to go kayaking. That made me nervous, but sometimes I try to be a little less overprotective. Look at Max. He's in a kayak! Alone!

Corina, the big strong girl, managed to pull Max up all by herself.

Look at Corina! I can't believe I let her do that by herself. She did a great job.

There's the nice, tame shot of us in a canoe. I was hardly scared at all.

This is when the really scary stuff came up. They had horses. We've never been near horses. We are city people. The kids wanted to go horseback riding, and so we did. It was the scariest thing I have ever done, and I really don't want to do it again. Ever.

Here's Max. He was awesome! I was proud of him, because he almost chickened out, but then did it anyway.

Corina was amazing. She looked as though she had been riding her whole life. It wasn't just a short little walk, either. We were up all those hills and...stuff.

This is when we first started. I rode one too, see? Well, you're seeing what I saw from my horse. What I saw was my kids about to be crushed to death by their horses. Seriously, I was so scared.
We had so much fun, and now we all need a nap. There was lots to do, and not much time for sleeping.


Laurie said...


You're officially the coolest mom ever.

Shannon said...

You were scared of the horses? I never knew you were a sissy, you had me completely fooled.

Dainon said...

I guess riding the horsie makes up for the elephant ride Max missed, eh?

Kipluck said...

That's pretty ambitious to go straight from "1st time" to "people who camp." I would have thought you'd at least go a couple times before COMMITTING to the lifestyle.

(my family has been "those people" all my life. My parents went camping for their HONEYMOON even.)

... said...

Fun! Our ward camp out will be next month, but I don't think there'll be half that stuff for us to do.

S'mores. I know there'll be s'mores.

Good job facing your horsie fears! (And, apparently, horsie rears.)

bestsariah said...

There were no smores for us. Fire ban. That part kind of sucked.

Sherpa said...

Several of my camping friends hate camp fires so I rarely get my smores fix when I camp.

Shauna said...

Really, really, really cool. :)