Thursday, August 23, 2007


I really did ride a horse! You can kind of see that I have my scared face on in this picture, but still...I am very brave to conquer my fears like that. I am proud of myself.

You may notice I'm wearing Max's socks with my Crocs. That's because I'm very stylish, and also because I didn't know how gross camping is, and that I wouldn't want to be barefoot in my Crocs. Thank you for sharing your socks with your Mama, Max. And for having big feet.

In other we sanded and primed my desk, and when we get home from our big weekend, we'll be painting it black. It was a super fun family project. I'll show you all pictures of how pretty it is when we get it finished. (That is called positive thinking.) It's mom's old desk, if the people who are aware of that desk are wondering.

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