Friday, September 28, 2007

Big boy stuff!

For a while there, Max was losing teeth all the time. All the front ones came out, the big guys came in, and then...nothing. For years! Finally this week he lost a molar. It was so gross. I forgot what it's like to lose big teeth like that. Lots of crunching noises and blood.

This picture is awesome. Mouths are very interesting. Look how swollen the gums are where the new guy is trying to come in. I bet that hurts!


bestsariah said...

Here's a comment, Max. You are awesome and your new tooth looks very cool. Yay Max!

Laurie said...

Craziness! Does it hurt losing teeth when you're a little older? That IS cool lookin'... cool and gross... and cool again.

bestsariah said...

Max says it didn't hurt coming out, but it was annoying when it was in his mouth because it was sore and his gums were swollen. Now it feels fine.