Monday, September 24, 2007

Corina's first EEG

Corina was exhausted today after her bad night last night, so she went to bed nice and early. (And seizure-free, I'm happy to announce!)

Max and I spent the evening looking through old photo albums. We came across this cute/sad picture of Corina when she was 5 months old. This is when she was first having tests for her seizures. It's her very first EEG. (I caught her mid-blink. She didn't normally look that lethargic.)

Back when she was a baby, the neurologist prepped us for the diagnosis of a brain tumour in her occipital region after he saw her EEG results. It turned out she was a miracle baby and there was nothing that serious going on at all. It's nice to remember that things aren't as bad as we originally feared they were. Seizures do really suck, but she's not going to die from them. I need to relax and remember that!

(The lady holding her is the nurse. She was so nice!)


Laurie said...

Oh my, that is SO precious.

I hope she's doing really well and is seizure-free! Please give her loves from me.

Team Corina!

Kipluck said...

Ugh. Corina, chica, you are one tough little chick. (so's your mom. You come by it honestly.) Sorry you have to be in the weird head issue club with me.